Klara Energies is a leading renewable energy company. As we embrace the transformation of the global energy sector, we develop, construct and operate green energy central plants. Our method is based on disruptive digital innovations to accelerate market penetration. Our fabulous team is composed of talented and experienced people. It is a pleasure to meet with you to work together on the future of our energy.

Our mission: the digitization of the energy sector

Klara Energies is turning to the digital technologies by developing a blockchain in the energy sector. According to François POIRIER, founding chairman of the group: “Klara Energies is on the march for a digital revolution in the field of energy. We will become a pioneer of digital in renewable energies. ”
Klara Energies accelerates its growth in project development. The Klara Energies team of experts develops breakthrough technological tools. The company wants to invest more than € 10 million over two years in these disruptive technologies. Blockchain applications dedicated to the development of renewable energy projects enable Klara to develop high power volumes by securing long-term profitability and reliability.

They trust in Klara

Klara Energies has provided us a solar rooftop to increase the value of our properties.
Patrick B, Agriculteur en Aveyron.
 Thanks to Klara Energies, I saved an important amount of money on my bill.
Josephine F. Manager of a food company
 Klara Energies restored my rooftop and installed a competitive solar installation.
François M., Owner of an industrial building in the Hérault region.

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